Creating high power density electrical machines

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AML’s experience and innovations have led to solutions which overcome the technical barriers for High-Power to Low-Weight electrical motors and generators.  Applied to applications like aerospace, these technologies will enable aircraft which are more energy efficient and quieter, and significantly lower CO2 and Nitric Oxide emissions.

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High Power Density Electric Motors and Generators

AML has developed a novel, non-cryogenic configuration for next generation hybrid and hybrid-electric propulsion motors, airborne power generators and microturbines

AML’s technology permits the construction of high power machines that achieve 3-10X higher power density than existing machines without the use of complex and expensive high temperature superconductors.

Key Attributes of AML’s technology include:

  • Power Density improvement achieved with breakthrough magnetic field strength in the “Gap”
  • Elimination of back iron + resulting core losses for low weight
  • Efficiency improvement enabled by high field quality magnetics in the stator

Novel permanent magnet technology for rotors

  • Single-piece poles including long lengths
  • Designed optimized cross-section precisely formed during manufacturing process
  • Allows unique magnetic field direction of each pole piece
  • Robust poles and rotor assemblies

AML Aerospace Opportunities

AML is developing enabling propulsion motors for hybrid and hybrid-electric aircraft. To learn more: AML Introduction to Aerospace

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